Defined Benefits

Knowing your benefits.

Both corporate and municipal pension plans rely on asset growth to support the long-term obligations of pension liabilities. Understanding how those liabilities develop is key to implementing an investment strategy that can help plan sponsors meet their final obligations and funding objectives. Whether the plan is open and accruing or closed and ‘gliding’ toward hibernation or termination, we at Beach Financial Group work with each client to build a portfolio that delivers a comprehensive solution designed to meet surplus growth objectives with an appropriate level of risk

Cash Balance Plans

As a ‘hybrid’ plan, Cash Balance plans can provide powerful savings and retention tools for employees. However, the right plan design is only half of the equation; having the right investment strategy in place can significantly reduce balance sheet volatility that plagues traditional pension plans. BFG works with our clients to incorporate specific plan design elements in the investment strategy in order to reduce surplus volatility and funding shortfalls.

Health & Welfare / OFEB

Employer-sponsored plans that provide a range of benefits to employees, such as life, health, disability, long-term care and post-retirement medical, can be complex. As companies and municipalities place greater importance on funding these plans, it’s critical that the investment strategy and implementation align with the organization’s funding goals and benefit payout structure. Here at BFG – we construct and maintain investment portfolios that recognize these complexities.

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