Regardless of the size of your investment, our firm espouses the highest criteria in the industry.  Beach Financial Group (BFG) arrived stateside from London in 2008 and, after a year of careful planning, opened its doors to local clients in 2009.  BFG has a strong background in European financial client relations providing comprehensive wealth management solutions since 2003.

In the past seven years, BFG has grown into a full-service insurance agency focused on the European and local market providing large and small group packages for retail, medical, law firms, restaurants and a diverse client portfolio.

Clients in several countries retain BFG services with the understanding that they will receive the same quality and attention to their growing wealth worldwide. 


The key to BFG’s success and capability is deceptively simple – share first-hand knowledge and experience, accumulated over a decade in the industry, with every client.   The small clients of yesterday have grown to be the big clients of today and clients who are ready to retire and exit the day to day management of their large firms trust BFG to steer them to make the right decision to downsize.  BFG is firmly committed to long-term client relationships and flexibility in financial planning with retirement, education, estate & insurance planning strategies as goals change. 

With the understanding that laws and regulations change, BFG is ever-adapting to the fluidity of the market.  The advice given to clients is thoughtful, insightful and tailored to individual needs.